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Notation Makes A Difference

Projected song lyrics are great, but they are only the beginning for those who wish to sing along with their part. Projecting the notated music encourages greater participation allowing a full complement of voices to sing unified praise. With SongSlides from A View Of Worship, sing with the church not just for the church.

How It Works

A View Of Worship is a subscription-based service that creates professionally notated SongSlides with words and music for congregational singing. SongSlides are available as downloadable PPT files in the following formats:
• StandardNotation
• ShapeNotes
• WideScreen

Uniquely Different

Our subscription model and licensing agreements allow unequaled flexibility in the delivery of music for your church to sing, while also being simple and affordable for any size congregation. Our SongSlides are easy to use and to follow, phrase by phrase. Based on the feedback and requests of our subscribers, we create the SongSlides your church can sing.


Because our SongSlides are available directly from the cloud you can plan and build your worship services anytime and anywhere you have internet access.
AND – because our songs are licensed for digital download, our subscribers get the very latest AVOW arrangements of current worship music as soon as we publish them.


With hundreds of SongSlides to choose from across a wide range of genres (old or new, traditional or contemporary), your subscription to A View Of Worship gives you what you need to plan a traditional, contemporary or blended service. Don’t see the song you need? Just request it. We base our newest SongSlides on the requests of our subscribers.

Licensed & Legal

A View Of Worship is licensed to create and distribute SongSlides to subscribers holding a current subscription and holding a current and valid CCLI license. Yes, our licensing agreements with our publishers require subscribers to obtain and/or maintain a CCLI license. In addition, we pay royalties on a quarterly basis to our publishers based on our subscription fees and downloaded SongSlides.


SongSlides are compatible with all the leading presentation software titles. Ease of use is key!


With a One-Time Enrollment fee of $250 (for new subscribers) and a recurring subscription fee of $125.00 for each subsequent year, our subscription service is the very best value in the industry! The recurring subscription fee of $125 will renew automatically on the anniversary date of your subscription keeping your subscription active and access to the SongSlides without interruption.